Quarantine life (WITH PETS)

I hope you are all well! We meaning my family and are I doing good. I for one know that my pets are very confused. What about your pets? We are usually all over the place with sports all year round, soccer, hockey, club soccer, and softball (my brother's play baseball but no club yet).... Continue Reading →

Horse Quotes

Last time I did a post on dog quotes I said I would do the next or a post on horse or cats. Well if you haven't guessed by know I chose horses. If you have found any that are really good I can put them up here too. But you have to comment below.... Continue Reading →

Dog quotes

  Well, I was on my computer looking through my quotes then I saw my quotes on animals (mostly dogs:) and I thought it would be a perfect post for my blog. First, I will link the website in which I found a lot but I am not going to be able to do all... Continue Reading →

My dog Jagr

So Jagr was listening to this video I put up to make dogs bark and howl and this his reaction. Well the video did not work so I put up some pictures closely related to what he did. Here it goes, so at first he was like what in the world are you doing? Then... Continue Reading →


As you know kai is having puppies. She already had them and they are so big and cute. She had 11 total but 3 died and now we have 8 total, 2 boys and 6 girls. They are just starting to teeth well they already have teeth but they are really growing. We get to... Continue Reading →

New pictures of Kai

 I took kai outside to throw balls. She retrieved them a few times then she stopped. And I went to go and get the ball. Then she took the thing that threw the balls and started to play with it and chew it. Every time I tried to get it she would run off and... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Here is how it started. I was doing my school when it said I had to make a blog. So I thought of my hobbies like sports, and animals, and I  decided on animals. Because they are so fun and you always can learn things on animals, w I think so. ... Continue Reading →

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